Rooted in interior architecture, Zeynep Kaban began her travel towards lighting design within the combined studies of architecture, culture and design, space, user, perception and colour. During her studies in Bahçeşehir University, she gained experience in Atölye 2a leaded by Aloş Çavdar in İstanbul. These experiences improved her detailing, designing, organizing and team-working skills which also brought her graduation with faculty honour.

She has received her M.A. degree from an Hochschule Wismar, Germany as Architectural Lighting Designer. Meeting with Belgian firm ACTLD during her internship period showed all the practical and business thinking in the field of lighting. She had chance to work mostly on Commercial projects as well as museum, retail, urban lighting, light installations. She has also taken part in Workshops or education level on various universities as guest lecturer. Currently, she is based in Istanbul, running her own studio; Parca Proje and collaborating with ACT LD as Project Lighting Designer/Project Manager for Turkey and Russia. Keep following, reading, researching, and working on anything that is related to light.